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Elna manufactures some of the most popular sewing machines, and getting the Elna Sewing Machine Parts is easy and convenient when these parts are needed.  Parts are available for their standard sewing machines, sergers, overlocks, and embroidery machines that are reliable and well made.  There are a wide variety of components available from belts to washers and bobbins to needle clamps.

Bobbins and Bobbin Components

Most people keep a number of bobbins handy for different colors of thread – fact it; it’s pretty hard to unwind a bobbin that has one color of thread on it in order to change the thread color.  Therefore, a supply of bobbins is generally kept.  There are plastic, aluminum, and metal bobbins available that range in price from $4.90 for a package of 10 to $16.90 for a package of 10, the different being the model of machine for which they are used.

In addition to the bobbins, there are plastic and metal cases a wide variety of bobbin winders, and winder tires.  The cases range from $6.99 to $179.99, depending on the model.  The winders range in price from $14.99 to $66.99, again depending on the machine model.  The tires are usually the least expensive ranging from $2.99 to $6.99.

Foot Controls and Feed Dogs

When a new foot control is needed, there is a huge variety of different models to select, depending on the model number of the machine.  Most all foot controls come with the cords, and are replacement products ranging from $12.99 to $179.00.

Feed dogs are used to pull the fabric through the machine so that tension and stitches are formed correctly as the fabric is pulled through in the small steps.  Different feed dogs work best for various fabrics; for example, the feed god used for heavy corduroy or leather would not work very will on the much lighter silk or satin fabrics.  Depending on the model of the machine and the feed dog, prices range from $4.99 to $89.99.

Embroidery Loops

Anyone who has done embroidery by hand knows the only way to do this effectively is with an embroidery loop.  There are also embroider loops available that fit with specific models of the Elna Embroidery machines; ranging in price form $12.99 to $124.99

Needles and Needle Clamps

Needles do get old, they do wear out, and eventually they do get dull and have to be replaces.  It’s very frustrating to try to sew any kind of stitch with a dull needle that pulls the fabric as it’s trying to penetrate it.  There are different sizes of needles for the various machine models, and these range in price from $3.99 to $5.99 for a single need to packages of five or ten.

Eventually the needle clamps that hold the needle in place must also be replaced, and these are available as well, and range in price from $3.99 to $72.00, depending on the model of the sewing machine.

Regardless of the specific part that is needed, or the machine, Elna Sewing Machine Parts are readily available and easy to get and reliable products.

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