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The relic of the times, when we were supposed to think that things were to last and these will be treasured and valued for aesthetics and their capacity to provide enjoyment. A comparable product is the Elna sewing machine, which reminds that everything that is made will last forever.

Elna sewing machines are Swiss made and extremely popular in Europe. The company started manufacturing products since 1940 and some of its popular models included Elna 7200 and Elna 3007. The Supermatic model was introduced in 1950s. This model revolutionized the sewing world as it was completely automatic. Women could automatically stitch their clothes without tiring their hands.

Generally the sewing machines produce straight stitches, however the Elna Supermatic has adjustable needle positions so that an average user gets great end results. People who are a novice can find it very easy to stitch with the help of this product as there is an option to adjust the width and length of stitches.

In any other branded machine the bobbin works on oscillating principle which makes it noisier while stitching. But in this item there is a drop-in bobbin that helps in producing less noise and the machine runs quietly.

Women love to embroider or get embroidered their homes’ items like the cushion covers, sofa backs, table cloths or comforters. This can be a cumbersome task especially if they do it themselves or it can be a costly affair if they get it done professionally. But now Elna Supermatic has a solution to this problem. It has built in embroidery stitches. There are so many patterns that one can make that one can be simply overwhelmed with the variety.

You can produce a huge variety of stitches working with one needle or with two needles, single and double cams. Some are the satin stitch, pearl stitch, small cord stitch – even do some shaded embroidery, up to your heart’s content, design and work on your masterpieces!

Apart from the varieties of stitching that is made possible with this sewing machine, you will see that it is very easy to use. Right from back stitch to tacking stitch, anything is possible with the Elna sewing machines.

These machines are marketed across the globe in almost 60 countries. Each year a new machine is introduced by the company which has better and upgraded technology. The machines are so designed that even though modern technology is incorporated into its design, they are soft on the fabric.

Their light weight aspect has generated interests of tailoring in many people.

Even though Elna Supermatic is a great machine, some users feel that it produces noise due to its faulty motor and bobbin placement.

Overall the Elna sewing machine range offers some of the most attractive features available in the market today for your everyday needs. They are very convenient to use as there are features like automatic threading, and variable speeds. Now you can download lots of new patterns and templates with the help of these machines. They are worth their flexibility and reliability.

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